Springer Nest's Gucci Girl (Gucci)
Springer Nest's Gucci Girl (Gucci)Mutter
V1, CACA, CACIB, BOS, Österr. Klubchampion
Lordsett's James Dean (Jamy)
Lordsett's James Dean (Jamy)Vater
3 x Champ., Champ. of Champ., Springer of the Year, 2 x Derby Winner, Club Winner, in 4 Countries 6 CACIB, BOB, BOG 1, FCI Working Test
Lordsett’s James Dean Whizzbang’s Man oft the World Sieger’s Cartoon Heroes
Whisborne Early Bird
Linmooor Unique Talking Mompesson Sky View
Nobhill Modern Talkin
Springer Nest’s Gucci Girl Primrose Howard Sieger’s Halloween
Primrose Eclipse
Just You And Me Darrem Canis Rascal Z Lovparku
Barecho Just My Style